Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Six

I mentioned in my 'One Million Words' blog post that I wrote six novels. I also mentioned that I might talk about the six novels. Hey guess what? I REMEMBERED!

The reason I want to talk about these novels is because four of them are a part of a series. One can become a series and the last has been planned to be at least three books. Without these six books I would have never made it to the million so this is my thank you to them. I know that sounds really weird but I'm a writer so weirdness is kind of needed.

Moving on:

Book 1: The Warriors Eight
Length: 165,278
Inspiration: Television.
Plot: We follow the story of the young boy who decides to save the world. Archard is our main character with the P.O.V. He lives in a country ravaged by war because the four kings cannot get along. He doesn't know that though because at the tender age of three he is kidnapped and forceed into becoming a special kind of warrior. It's not as awesome as it seems and he's beaten, tortured and a few other things. Archard escapes and decides to form a group of warriors to save the innocent people from bloodshed. There are a whole bunch of other things going on but I don't want to give up too much of the plot.
Thoughts: I loved writing this, I really did. It's not close to being finished as there are quite a few edits to do and some things don't make sense. It can become a series simply because of how it ends.
Release Date: TBA. Hopefully within the next two years or so.

Book 2: Glory Hole
Length: 145,012
Inspiration: I'm not entirely sure...
Plot: This is erotica. Yeah, I went there. Ha. Anyway, Samuel falls in love. The problem? Samuel is a stripper who can't admit his feelings and his lover is a high-profile business associate who can't admit he likes men. Yes I like to make things complicated.
Thoughts: Samuel is one of my favorite characters to write. He's witty, cute, lovable and just so darned full of anguish over the whole situation that he seems real. The interactions (clothed and unclothed) between the duo were so natural to write. They really fit.
Release Date: Probably never. This was something solely for me. But yes, there are two more books planned for this.

Book 3: The Land of Cara, Book 1: The Otherworlder
Length: 139,050
Inspiration: I used to hang a lot of posters on my ceiling. One day, one of them (a dragon poster) was falling off the ceiling. I had a really bad day and in a fit of rage, ripped it down and tore it up. Then I thought:"What if that had been a real dragon? I just killed it!"
Plot: Emily is our main character and the story starts with her jumping off a bridge. She's then transported to Cara, the country unknowingly under war. She meets Magalia, the Elemental Mage and Ayla, the last Ahkas Metalweaver. What they don't know is the Dark Mages of Cara are planning a coup to take over the country. Again, there's a lot more going on but I don't want to reveal too much.
Thoughts: I recently found out that I'm not so creative with Ayla's name. Look it up. I also never expected this thing to morph into a series. It was supposed to be a stand-alone book but I fell in love with Xeros.
Release Date: TBA. Hopefully in the next two years.

Book 4: The Land of Cara, Book 2: The Dragons
Length: 142,782
Inspiration: Xeros, one of the characters from Book 1.
Plot: Fifty years have passed and Emily has grown into a powerful Mage. The bad news? The Dark Mage Coup did not end. The good news? Emily is in a much better position to stop it. The best news? She's not the only Dragon Summoner in Cara anymore.
Thoughts: I have no idea where some of the plot came from. The whole thing with Drake and Xeros...OMFG! Then Pheobus. Really? I mean, REALLY? It blew my mind and I was the one writing it.
Release Date: TBA, again within the next two years.

Book 5: The Land of Cara, Book 3: The Red-Eyed Mage
Length: 102,777
Inspiration: The final fight in Book 2.
Plot: We meet the fourth Dragon Summoner who turns out to be a lot more important than people first think. I can't go into much detail without destroying the surprises in Book 2. Sorry.
Thoughts: It's way too short but I can't make it any longer. Well I might be able to now that I've left it alone for a bit but it's short. This is probably the shortest novel I've ever written. I think everything just happed so effortlessly because I had most of it planned out.
Release Date: TBA, within the next two years.

Book 6: The Land of Cara: Final Travels
Length: 136,504
Inspiration: The final scene in Book 3. This book never would have existed if my characters had done their job and finished like I wanted them to.
Plot: Sorry, I'm not even getting into it. There's SO MUCH going on and all of it will be spoilers for the prior three.
Thoughts: Awesome. Heart-breaking. THE FREAKING END.
Release Date: TBA, see the others.

These six alone totalled: 831,403 words. That's eighty percent of my 1,000,000 words. That is why I decided to list them. That was my thank-you speech to all the characters (I can't even begin to count how many) in all six and all the little plot bunnies.

I have to say that I'm a bit sad I won't be going into the Cara world again. I could write some side-scenes but I don't think my heart will be into it. As for the other two, I can still have fun with them.

Anyway, that is the summary of what I was working on this year. Until next time: Good night and don't let any demons steal your soul.

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