Friday, November 9, 2012

NaNoWriMo: Week One

So the first week of National Novel Writing Month is complete. It's been a hectic week with work, trying to work on NaNoWriMo as well as promoting. Here's my stats and the introduction to what the heck I'm writing:

Word Count: 70,422
Goal: 200,000
Words Needed: 130,000
Finished NaNoWriMo challenge: Sun, Nov. 4th.

Yes I'm one of those crazy people known as an over-achiever on the forums. Moving on:

Novel: Fantasy Parody of Lord of the Rings (yeah I went there, ha)
Title: Chosen Ones of the Forbidden Object
Plot so far: The farmer Ed was whacked in the head with the Forbidden Object while it was being transported by a dragon to Mr. Omega (the Big Bad). Ed of course, didn't know what it was so decided to hang on to it. He was tracked down by the Nine Riders of the Abyssal Planes, chased from his home town, tried to settle in a new town, was chased from there and almost killed. Fortunately (not according to Ed) Bob the valient elf warrior and his steed Pinkie saved him.
Bob brought him back to his home of Clear River where they met up with the other members of what would be the Chosen Ones to destroy the Forbidden Object. These others are Hulkael the Giant Prince (slow moving, slow talking and slow witted), Alina a fairy (a bit on the drunk side with random items in a ridiculously small bag), the Dragon Prince Ridam (a dragon who can't breathe fire and is afraid to fly), the Wizard Gary (a bit crazy), the Dwarf Prince Dreh Cairnbeard (a self-proclaimed ladies man), and the reluctant Bob with Pinkie.
So the group started off and found out quickly that Ed is not the hero they need for this. He complains, wets himself in the face of evil, sleeps when he should be listening and in general is not a good guy. This is even more evident when giant wolves attack and Ed screams, wets his pants, and falls into a fetal position. Of course the giant wolves are defeated and the group moves on.
The next challenge are bats with tentacles that Ridam (in a high-pitched teen dragon voice) takes out and the Nine Riders of Hell. The baddies are defeated putting Mr. Omega into an anger management class. The group is forced through a mountain where they meet Jedris (think Gollum) who wants the Forbidden Oject. He's knocked out by a well found cannon from Alina's bag and the group moves on.
Mr. Omega then releases the tigers. During the battle Bob and Alina fall in love (bah) and Mr. Omega mourns his tigers. The group has to climb over some cliffs where Ridam has to fight another dragon in a game of chess. Mr. Omega becomes bored and makes cute, fluffy kittens with bat wings.
The group gets off the cliffs and comes into a desert, walked through it and surived. Now they're taking a break while Mr. Omega teaches his kittens how to fly.

That's where I am so far. I'm mostly making this thing up as I go along so as for what's next I don't even know for sure. I do know there is a major battle between Mr. Omega and the Chosen Ones but that's the last chapter. I also know there's going to be a war of somesort that side-tracks the group in the later chapters. I also know this thing is going to be HUGE.

Anyway, my thoughts on this week: It started out awesome and the fourth wall lays in dust at my feet. On Sat, the 3rd I got my highest word count in a day: 18,333. On Sun. the 4th I got 16K words to complete the NaNoWriMo challenge. By Tuesday I hit a wall. My parody was no longer a parody and becoming way too serious. This came from Bob and Alina's romance which I'm not too sure about right now. I might break them up or I might pretend it didn't happen.
It's gotten back into it the comedy aspect now which is awesome and I hope to hit 90K this weekend. I'm not sure how that's working out as shortly after the posting of this blog, I'll be out. Saturday I'm out in the morning and the afternoon then Sunday morning is a no-go. But I'm going to try dang it.

Well, that's my week one NaNoWriMo update. Stayed tuned for NaNoWriMo Week 2 Review on the 16th. Hopefully it won't be so rushed as this one. Also for NaNoWriMo I'll be talking about the dreadful Inner Editor and what I do to keep writing despite said Inner Editor. Until then: Good night and don't let any demons from Hell steal your soul.

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