Saturday, November 24, 2012

NaNoWriMo: Week Three

I got distracted by a lot this week hence the late post. I didn't even remember about the NaNo update until 11:30PM right after I shut off the lights and went to bed. Ha. Anyway:

Word Count: 161,194
Goal: 200,000
Words Needed: 38,806

Key Plot Points:
It's over. Yep, I've written the last two words every novelist strives for: The End. It became official at 9:59PM on the 18th. The Forbidden Object was destroyed. Two people died and everyone else lived happily ever after. Oh, I did forget that Gary wears glasses so during editing either this month or next month I'll have to add that in which will bring up the word count for the Chosen Ones. I'm not going to get into too much detail here because I can't remember most of it.

Thoughts on Week Three:
I didn't really have much of a week three. Once I finished Chosen Ones I took a long break. I didn't actually start writing again until Thursday night when I pumped out about 3,000 words. Last night I managed 5,000 which isn't much considering. This weekend I plan to get my 200,000. That's right: I'm going to write 38,806 words before Sunday at midnight.

I'm fairly certain I can do this. I might need to take an extra few hours Monday since I'm not going to be starting to write for another half hour or so then I've got another hour to two hours I have to take out of the day for various things. I'm not too concerned though.

I'm making up the other words by finishing a novel I started back in Oct. It's a big switch going from a Lord of the Rings Parody to a modern day, serious, character-growing fantasy. I want to add commentary but it's not allowed. I think this is what's slowed me down the past few days but I'll get over it.

This novel has the unofficial title of Protectors and is about five men who stumbled upon amulets that gift them with special powers. The catch is the five have to grow up in order to use their powers. For instance, Paul, the lawyer is a perfect candidate for Anger Management. In order to use Serenity's powers (yes the amulets have names) he has to learn to become cool, calm and collected. It's a big task for someone with such a hotheaded personality.

Of course, it wouldn't be much of a story without a bad guy so there is a nice little twist in there that I have to thank the NaNo forums for giving me. I'm about half way done with this story so getting the other 38,806 words will not be a problem. The problem might be getting it before Sunday at midnight.

As I said in the beginning, I've been distracted by the internet, namely the muse that kind of inspired Andre in Chosen Ones. I've also had a lot of self-doubt issues to deal with this week that made my writing slow down to a crawl. I think I'm over both. We'll find out, won't we?

Thus ends the week three update. Hopefully I'll remember to get week four up on the right date. Until then, good night and don't let the monsters of doubt bring you down.

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