Friday, November 16, 2012

NaNoWriMo: Week Two

Being honest, I got so wrapped up in my story I kind of forgot about this blog. Better late than not at all, right? Moving on:

Word Count: 126,346 (I'll be writing more after this post goes up)
Goal: 200,000
Words Needed: 73,645 which is a little over how much I wrote in week 1.

Key Plot points:
Er, I can't even remember half my plot right now because it's zipped by so fast. I do know that my villain is gearing up to head North where the Forbidden Object must be destroyed. The Chosen Ones are about five months away from getting to the only place the Forbidden Object can be destroyed. Yes there is an epic battle planned in the near future.

Ed decided to be a hero and learned a bit of swordsmanship from Bob. He's not wonderfully good but he knows to stick the pointy end into people. We got to meet Bob's cousin (Andre) who was supposed to be a minor, one scene character. Now the cousin has joined the Chosen Ones on their journey.

Ed was poisoned by a massive spider and we found out that all elves are deathly afraid of spiders. Ed was brought to the elf haven of White River where they reunited with Bob's cousin Andre. This is where Andre joins them on their journey once Ed heals up. The group is currently trying to save the elf haven of Strong Waters from two Kings fighting over who's Queen is prettier.

Ridam learned to fly after Hulkael sneezed him off a cliff and he learned to breathe fire when Ed was attacked by the giant spider. Yes, Ridam is an ACTUAL dragon now. They grow up so fast.

Mr. Omega created giant koalas because he wants them to be part of his North-bound army. I never said he was a normal villain. There's probaly a lot I'm missing (and intentionally leaving out...hehe) but that's the basics. Check out the week 1 blog for prior plot information.

My thoughts on week two:
It dragged. I know I wrote more than I did in week one but for two nights in a row I didn't even open the darned document or anything. I got stuck with a big massive hole in the middle but inspiration struck and everything is planned now. It didn't help in actually writing anything though.

I'm still hitting that wall where this thing is too serious for a parody (in my eyes) but then Mr. Omega comes along and knits his kittens sweaters or something equally odd and makes things better. I swear the only reason I have him is for funny moments. I'm afraid that if I kill him off all the funny will go away.

Anyway, things are tying up in nice little bows and I don't think I've missed any plot points. I kind of sad that in four chapters and an epilogue this thing will be over. I know, right? I've only got four chapters left to write.

I know I won't hit the 200K word count goal with just this parody. I'll probably get around 180K words for it but that's okay. I've got the story I was working on in October to finish to get my 200K goal.

My goal for this weekend (with tonight, Sat and Sun) is to get 50K words to finish this monster. I'm not sure how that's going to work out as my highest word count day is 18,333. I'm going to try though.

I hope to be finished this novel by Tuesday, take a few days for a break then get my last 20-30K words with my other novel. The sad part is even with those 20-30K words that other novel won't be done. That's okay though; I don't mind. I will say that once I hit the 200K I'm stopping so I can focus on editing everything.

Anyway, that's my NaNoWriMo week 2 update. The week 3 update is coming on the 23rd and until then: Good night and don't let the evil sun monster steal your soul.


  1. Wow! That is quite a word goal! Good for you!! I hope you get it. You sound like you're doing really well so far.

    1. Thanks! I'm about 48K short now and the pardoy is over. I'm going to have to find something to write...