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Novel Series #7: Glory Hole Return

This is one of those series that I don't intend to ever publish. Why? Well it's solely for me. It's a series that simply allows me to take a break from plotting and just do whatever my characters want to do and write whatever I want to write no matter how ludicrous it seems. It keeps me sane between the novels that I intend to eventually publish.

Glory Hole Return is the third book in a series of, well, I'm not sure. I've got a fourth planned and didn't write the second yet so, yeah. This one veered into the paths of fan-fiction by including a real life person who inspired Samuel's character to begin with. It made me chuckle.

On a side note, this is the series that Dragon (Lies, Novel Series #5) mentions in that book. Yeah, I did a whole inception thing. Anyway, here we go:

Genre: Erotic Romance between two Males. Yes, I went there. :)

Word Count: 140,064

Prompt: The original came from, well, I can't remember now that I think about it. The "sequel" of sorts came from events in the first book. Again, there is a second book but I decided to write the third before the second because the second is heavy into certain things I didn't feel like getting into right now. I might not even bother with a second book as it flows nicely from the first to this one.

Main Characters: Samuel Lewis (inspired in part by Andrej Pejic) and Greg Alduino.

Minor Characters of note: Andre Messine, The Alduino Family (Greg has six siblings. Yeah), Sydney Lewis (Samuel's younger sister), Mr. and Mrs. Lewis (Samuel's parents), Jerry Lewis (Samuel's adopted older brother), Andrej Pejic (hence the fan-fiction thing), Rene Samson, Claire, and Mikel and his family.

Summation: Samuel used to work as a stripper. Greg, a Marketing Director at a huge made-up company, fell in love with him. Andre Messine (a member of the mafia) decided he wanted Samuel and basically forced Samuel out of Greg's life. Greg managed to steal him back, cuz hey, his family are the rivals of the Messine's and life is peachy. Samuel quit his former job and now works as a pianist (it was a secret talent that I didn't even know about until this book) at a high end restaurant.

Greg quits his job to become a mechanic (it was his dream) and through quitting became friends with Rene Samson who is a high-profile lawyer. Samuel ends up meeting Rene at the club who through Claire (famous model), introduces them to Andrej Pejic. Andrej and Samuel become fast friends, Samuel finally tells Greg what his family (minus Sydney) did to him and they buy a house together and Sydney joins them, finally leaving her family's clutches. I never said it was simple.

High Points: Samuel walking into the kitchen of the new house in the nude while Sydney's in there. She's completely embarrassed and Samuel's all like "What, I'm a former stripper who's used to living with just my man." They determine him being nude is uncomfortable for both of them and Samuel's decides shorts are a good thing.

Also the whole relationship between Andrej and Samuel simply because Samuel's creation was based off Andrej and hey, now they're talking in the book. It struck me as funny and originally I had no intention of including Andrej. He just kind of appeared like Rene and Claire. Rene was supposed to be this throw-away character but she saved Samuel from a homophobe at his new place of work one night and kind of ran away with the plot. Well, what little plot there was. Ha.

Low Points: Samuel's day with Mikel's kids. He's not good with taking care of kids on his own and thus Mikel's entire house has to be cleaned after. Plus Samuel kind of had a mental breakdown which was funny. He can deal with being a slave (of sorts) but can't handle a 3 year old and her 1 year old sister. Poor guy.

The World: Nothing special, it's society as it is right now in 2013.

Major Plot Twist: There are actually a few of these but the biggest one would be the argument between Samuel and Greg deciding whether or not they should have kids. Greg wants them. Samuel doesn't think he'd make a good parent and thus never wants kids. Kids have been a part of Greg's plan forever and he just can't let that dream go.

Memorable lines:

"I hope you have fun in Hell."

"I won't make you do anything you don't want to do."

...There was something about a half-naked blonde answering the door that would always stun a delivery man.

"I hate that you'd be supporting me. I know that sounds, well, not sexist since you're a guy too but damn it, I'm the alpha." "Be a beta for once. They have pretty fins at least." (Samuel, bad joke is bad. Ha.)

"This is Samuel. He's my boyfriend." (Big line for Greg as he's telling this to the President of his company who's homophobic. Also Greg was struggling with his homosexuality in book one so this is a huge step for him.)

Greg: "Is it straight? (in reference to a Christmas Tree)" Samuel: "Now, now, you shouldn't be making the poor thing question it's sexuality."

"Okay. So you're the one who took my fiancée's virginity. Good to know." (This whole scene was hilarious.)

"Samuel is not a thing. I love him and that won't change even when one or both of us dies."

"I'm sorry if I've offended you but your God made me this way and I can't help that."

"Is he always like that?" "Like what?" "So, well, gentlemanly. Opening doors for you, guiding you around, brushing (snow) off lesbian's cars for them."

"I'm sure there's some law out there that when a guy has a chance to have two pretty blondes in his bed he should take it."

"Papa's in the hospital. He had a heart attack."

"Um, complicated. You were a stripper?"

"I know it hasn't been long that we've been together but I love him so much. I couldn't imagine not being with him."

"I don't know what Mom, dad and Jerry did to you but I had nothing to do with it. You're the only one I've ever liked. Please don't disappear on me again. I missed you."

"Everything is complicated about this relationship. One more thing won't kill us."

"Where do you put all those clothes anyway?" "In my closet, duh."

"You have had a crazy couple of months." "Someone should write a book about it." HA!

"I'm Sydney, Samuel's little sister."

"I'm moving in with Samuel and his boyfriend."

"I'm not as useless as you thought I was but it doesn't matter. Enjoy the rest of your life." (Samuel to his parents after helping Sydney move out.)

"Oh, well it is kind of weird to see my older brother naked. Wouldn't you find it weird if I was walking around naked?" "Yep, point. Okay, clothes next time. Or at least shorts."

"The way you handled the housewarming, the way you made sure Sydney was tucked in, the cleaning: you'll make a great parent one day."

"Greg said I'd make a great parent one day and I had a nightmare about babies."

"How do you like your eggs?" "Unfertilized and sunny side up. A bit on the gooey side if you don't mind." (It's funnier cuz it's said by a man.)

"A video game character? You're naming your kitten after a video game character?"

"Um, do you have air conditioning in this thing?" "Yep. It's called cranking down the windows." (Funny note: I had a car with crank windows so I totally know what it's like to be in the middle of the summer with no air conditioning in a car. It SUCKS.)

"Samuel. Alone. Kids."

"No I can't. This isn't like learning to drive or taking care of Ezio and Kratos (kitten and puppy respectively). This is, I don't even know. But I can't do it. I don't ever want kids."

"Kids aren't the be all and end all of a relationship. Kids don't mean you have a successful relationship or a perfect family. Families aren't just kids. You know that." (Mikel)

"Talk to him stupid. Figure out for sure what's going on because this whole tension thing between you two sucks."

"I don't care if you don't want kids. I want you."

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