Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Camping - Author Style Part 4

It's the last day of July which mean CampNaNoWriMo July edition has come to a close. Give me a minute to wipe the tears from my eyes and hug my cabin mates good-bye. Okay, I'm good. Let's get this wrap-up moving.

Admittedly the month was exceptionally frustrating for a few reasons:
1) My characters didn't voice an opinion on what was going on. This is horrible for me because usually someone who isn't supposed to be the main focus takes over and the plot shifts enough that I'm not forcing anything out. It didn't happen this month.
2) I didn't really connect with my characters like I normally do. In other words: I didn't cry when I killed them. Oddly enough I got choked up when the "bad guy" was suffering at the end.
3) I had a major plot issue in the middle of the month that I just couldn't solve. It's kind of resolved but not as tightly as I'd want it to be.
4) This thing may have ended on a cliff-hanger and if it ever gets edited properly (by professionals) and published, people might hate me for it.
5) Inner Editor and I kind of went on strike. He started binge-eating and freaking out in a corner which threw me for a loop and everything went to Hell. He's okay now. I think. Yes, I know it's weird to talk about the Inner Editor like he's real but he's a part of my writing mind, okay? I never said I was normal. ;)

In summation: I'm okay with the book. I mean there aren't any plot holes you can steer a dragon through but again, it's not as tight as I'd like it. I'm sure in a few months when I come back to it and give it a re-read I can fix it.

I have to admit I went into CampNaNoWriMo half-cocked and without a full-fledged plot in mind and that's what killed me. Normally it doesn't but I do believe I'm suffering some kind of burn-out from writing so much in a short time.

Despite that I'm going to be doing AugNoWriMo and trying for at least 60,000 words next month A.K.A tomorrow. I likely won't start tomorrow. I've learned the hard way I can't go right from one book to another unless I've got a couple days in between.

Regardless, the book I finished at the beginning of the month as a rebel and the book I started and finished as my camp project will be described in Novel Series #7 and #8 respectively. I'm still fiddling with the Novel Series #7 post and wondering if it'll make me look like a crazed stalker or something, really. It should have been up by now but the book I finished at the beginning of the month kind of turned into a fan fiction or something. Don't ask.

Oh, it's also been a rough month because of life. People are saying things online (not about me) that got me angry *insert Hulk smash*. I've been distracted by how to artfully tell people that they're stupid and as a result said nothing. You can't do that in less than 140 characters. It's just not possible. This could also be the reason I didn't connect so well this novel but hey, I could just be making excuses.

This novel is done and with it's completion it makes the 18th time I've written "The End." That's about 2 million words of stories. Yeah, you read those last two lines right: 18 novels, 2 million words. Don't worry, I often wonder where all they time went too.

Until next time: Aliens are still bad. And it's sad that we live in the information age and people can't do 5 seconds of research to stop from looking silly.

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