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2014 Novel Series #15: Mists of Time Book 2: Seeking

Book two I wrote during National Novel Writing Month. The main focus of Book 1 was Blair's personal life, discovering who Blair is as a person and xe discovering xe has magic. Book 1 is all about Blair starting a new life. Book 2 is about Blair learning how to deal with the repercussions of being the only earthling with magic as well as figuring out how to deal with other people finding out about xer magic. Book 1 was basically a taste of the Mists. Book 2 is all about the Mists. ONWARDS!

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Word Count: 91,060

Prompt: Continuation of Mists of Time Book 1: Discovery in which they find out who the bad guy really is.

Main Characters: Blair, Tim, Tenkondin, Tim, and Dyns

Minor Characters of note: Natalie, Katie, Orrell, Hanrel, Meryl, Alaya, Xias, Ova, and The Mist Watcher

Summation: They find out who the bad guy is and crap hits the fan in a horrible way.

High Points: Tenkondin. He's freaking hilarious.

Low Points: The ending.

The World: Ours but with magic. Oh and the Mists.

Memorable Lines:

"So you've decided to dress male today?" Hanrel asked.
"And you've decided to keep being a bitch." Blair returned.

"If you make the wrong choice in the next year you will be the one who brings about the destruction of the universe." (Person who can see the future to...Blair. Mwahaha)

"A crack, as in a break?" Xias questioned.
"That's the definition of crack, actually in Blair's world it's some kind of illegal drug too, but yeah, break." Tenkondin said.

"You fainted." Dyns said.
"Thank you Mr. Obvious." Tenkondin said.
"It was the magical output from the Mist Watcher. Blair will be fine, I'm certain." Xias said.

"By the way, your ass looks really good in those pants. Can I play with it?" Tenkondin asked.
"No, you can't play with my ass." Blair said.
"What if I buy you food first?" Tenkondin asked.
"Tenkondin, be serious for once," Dyns said. "Blair isn't interested and I doubt he ever will be. Besides, we have more important situations to deal with than trying to get into Blair's pants."
"But I wanna hit it." Tenkondin said.
"And I want to hit you with a really big rock." Blair said.

"We can't do nothing but train and keep an eye out." Dyns said.
"Good thing you've got three." Tenkondin remarked. (Dyns does have three eyes...haha)

"You, gah, hey! Stop touching my ass!"
It made Dyns laugh again and Blair grinned. Tenkondin rubbed him so Blair stabbed him with a knife. Tenkondin made a weird choking sound in his throat then chuckled.
"Kinky." (Yeah, Tenkondin's basically a large green slime monster with tentacles who can't be killed by melee weapons, or explosions, falling from great get the idea)

"I need new clothes, you know? And I'm not going to let a little thing like society's perspective of what a woman should look like hold me back. I'm going to look good and be curvy." Katie said. (You go girl. :) )

"Katie's just, well; she doesn't so much care about personal hygiene when there's a new mystery to be solved. And what bigger mystery is there than a tentacle creature popping into your best friend's living room through a rip in time?"

"Do you know why you don't see many Usglerthians (what Tenkondin is) in the Mists?"
Tenkondin probably meant the question to be rhetorical but Dyns opened his mouth to answer. Tenkondin whapped a tentacle over Dyns' mouth and Dyns blinked in wonder. (That's one way to get someone to shut up.)

"Aw, Dyns, why do all the curvy girls have boyfriends?"
"Because Tenkondin, life is unfair to perverts like you."

"Closed minded town, two guys kissing: duh."
"I'll never get that. Who cares who loves who? As long as no one's shoving it down my throat and by it I mean everything from religion to sexuality then I'm fine. Tim wanting to be with Blair and Blair being bi-gender isn't bothering me so whatever."

"Did you forget what I told you when we first met? I said: "If you make the wrong choice in the next year you will be the one who brings about the destruction of the universe." It's still true you know." Alaya said. (She's an Ala'gan from another planet. Ala'gan are seers of the future, healers, and wind elementals.)
"What choice?" Blair asked.
Alaya shrugged.
"I don't know."
Blair blinked.
"What do you mean you don't know? I thought,"
"Ala'gan can't predict the future with any kind of accuracy," Alaya began. "We see snippets of things and sometimes we don't even know who or what the thing belongs to until we see the person. We can't control it and sometimes we don't even remember what we've seen until we see the person our vision was meant for. I can't tell you who's going to die or when you're going to have to make this all important decision. All I know is that something you're going to decide on sometime this year will either destroy or save the universe."

"Great. Can we find somewhere to sleep?" (Blair's heard a bunch of horrible things and dealt with trying to fight a bunch of Mist Beasts alone at once)
"You mean together?" Tenkondin asked. (Ha, always the pervert)

"Don't ever leave me, okay? I mean, I don't think I could handle it if you were just gone and I know I sound clingy and," Blair began.
Tim kissed him and Blair shut up. Tim pulled back from the kiss after a moment but held Blair tightly.
"You don't sound clingy. If I don't get to leave then you don't get to leave either, okay?" Tim asked.
Blair blinked then pulled back. Tim was smiling. Blair smirked.

"Was that some kind of double proposal thing?" Blair asked.
"Hey, I've still got the ring,"
"Ah, nope. Too cliché."

"There isn't a magical sentence you can say so she'll instantly understand. It will take time."
"Good thing I can freeze it."

"We need to find a small cave or something."
"Okay. Would if answer if we called?"
"How long was I out?"
"I'm not sure. Your watch is broken." (GUYS! You're in the middle of some world you don't know with no supplies and beasts that want to kill you near by. One of you has a broken arm. YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE CRACKING JOKES!)

"You've been missing for two weeks."
"Oh hey look, we're found. My arm hurts and we're starving and tired and holy shit I think I'm going to fall over."

"Of course it's on the top shelf. I swear the other healers think they're pulling pranks on us Ala'gan by putting everything so high. Come get this." Alaya (who's 4'6") said.
Blair strode deeper into the room and reached for the jar. Alaya swatted him and he huffed.
"The one to the right, yes, that one."
Blair brought the jar down but Alaya took it from him. She spun open the cap, dabbed her finger in the thick blue-tinged cream then licked her finger. Blair stared at her as she nodded, screwed the cap back on, and offered the jar to him. (In the jar is a cream to help scarring, btw. It's not meant to be food.)

"Blair, I, okay. Give me a few more minutes to freak out."
"Sure, you can even run around in circles if you want."

"It's your job to protect,"
"The Mists, not your planet or any other planet."

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