Thursday, July 29, 2010

The scroll bar on my mouse kicked the bucket but that's not stopping me from writing. Remember, enter the contest! Details at my blog. :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The contest is now up and running! For details on said contest, check out the blog post:


As of right now, the contest is now OPEN and will run until midnight Eastern Standard time on August 8th. The prize of this contest is a FREE SIGNED copy of my first book (no shipping charges either). To enter, you must send along an e-mail with your name and age to with subject line of: "CONTEST".

Along with your name and age, you MUST submit the CORRECT answers to the following:
1) How old are Lysandra and Leopold?
2) What is the first significant thing the twins do upon entering the city?

The answers to BOTH questions can be found on my website ( The winners will be announced via Face book, this blog and on the website on August 14th. Each winner will then be e-mailed personally and books will be shipped once all responses are received from the winners.

Other Rules/disclaimers:

Winners MUST be willing to provide an address, if you do not, you can not receive your prize. Winners must be 18 or older OR if underage, inform their parents about this contest and the need to release their address. Those under 18 MUST receive parental permission before releasing their address.

I will NOT release any personal information about ANY participant in this contest. All information will be deleted once the prizes have been shipped successfully.

The number of winners is dependant on the number of entries, copies of Book 1, and the number of completely correct answers. Any answer openly posted on Face book or as a comment in this blog will mean immediate CLOSURE of the contest.

A second contest may be launched in September dependant on the success of this contest. All those who get a partial answer will also get an e-mail and be asked if they would wish to received a signed Book 1 bookmark and postcard.

Remember, you can comment on things besides the answers to the contest on this blog and on the Face book fan page.

Thank you all for your support thus far and good luck!