Saturday, April 10, 2010


After touring, I have found out a few things: 1) The navigation and trying to find someone again is a bit hard 2) There are a lot of people out there trying to become a published author 3) The Internet is huge.

I will eventually get used to one. I all ready knew about three but seeing made me realize it all over again. It's two that kind of shocks me. No, shocks isn't the right word. I mean, I know all ready a lot of people try to write a novel at some point in their lives. I just never realized exactly how many people that was.

Considering all the people in the world trying to become a published author and the ratio of successful authors to not-so-successful authors, writing seems to be a difficult career to get into. The writing itself is easy. If one has a decent grasp of spelling and grammar, a wild imagination, a bit of time, a good sense of description, a good sense of creating believable conversation and characters, then they can probably write something wonderful.

But, along with all that, a writer needs to know a bit about marketing. No one will read your work if you cannot get it out there. The Internet comes in handy for this with all its social media aspects and various communities for authors. Also, it comes in handy for seeking out a company that will help publish and market an author's potential best seller.

It's quite the daunting task, to be completely truthful. Daunting and frightening because I'm not completely sure if what I'm doing is actually helping right now. I have no idea if anyone has actually bought a copy of the e-book or the soft and hard cover. I won't know till, actually I'm not 100% sure when I'll know. Which is kind of like flying a plane with just enough gas and wondering if you'll make it to land.

In summation: Writing is hard. Marketing is harder.

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