Saturday, December 21, 2013

Novel Series 11: Seeker

This is the sequel to Seer. Originally, Seer did not have a sequel but when I finished it, I couldn't write "The End" or put it into my "Finished" folder on my hard drive. I knew this was coming but I didn't know how or when. It's why I took two months to write Changed. This was the first book I completed during NaNo2013. I finished it on the 8th.

Genre: Low Fantasy or Supernatural

Word Count: 78,795

Prompt: Sequel to Seer that kind of appeared out of no where.

Main Characters: Ice and, well, only Ice really. It was from his P.O.V and he kind of left everyone from Seer behind.

Minor Characters of Note: Claire, Dawn, Ray, Eva, Zillah and his men, Valko, Jasmine, Felix, Krasimir, and Odin.

Summation: Ice is tired of waiting for people to find out how he and his twin brother Dawn became immortal or why Dawn is so much weaker. He's going to find out himself, even if he has to become a serial killer to do it.

High Points: Ice running into a "Love Shop" to avoid Claire. Oh and Ice realizing that, YES, he does love Ray.

Low Points: Dawn.

The World: Ours but with immortals.

Major Plot Twist: Zillah and his men

Memorable Lines:

"I will continue to do what I have done every night of my life."
"Try to take over the world?"

"I am going to go to New York and force out others like us if there are others to be found."

"Unlike you I can enjoy the company of a woman without the need or want to have sex with her." (Go Ice.)

"He's some kind of angel of vengeance or something. This must be for killing that dude and all the others."

"I am not so good as my looks imply."

"You know we all come with secondary powers. You'd be wise in remembering that."

"You know there's something to be said about a man who risks his life to help his brother."

"I am ready." "Darling, those are words every woman likes to hear."

"Of course I care you fool. You are my brother."

"The question is: would you die to let your brother live?"

"I know it's not what you were looking for but you should know better than anyone that you can't always get the thing you want. Life sucks, you grow old and you die. You have to make the most of it and all that new-age bullshit."

"I am also decidedly stupid for not realizing sooner and I apologize for that."

"And you made an ass of yourself. I know you're under some kind of pressure here and I want to help. I think I'd be more helpful if I wore more clothes, you know?"

"It's Eva. She wants to know why you're still killing people so famously and I'm trying to tell her that you haven't hunted in a week. She says seven people have fallen victim to the Ager. I think we've got a problem."

"Bonjour mes petite imbecile."

"What? You like Ice. Besides, I'm your older sister and you shouldn't be taking our mother's name in vain."

"Someone took him. We don't know who and we couldn't stop them."

"We're loyal, not stupid."

"Freedom, hm? Thank you Anthony for your final gift to me but you are free too, dear brother. I will miss you."

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