Friday, May 31, 2013

Novel Series #3: Model

This started right after The Harmonizer which was strange. Why was it strange? Well The Harmonizer and The Bonehemmer Princess are both high fantasy types with magic, half-human hybrids and other funky things. Model, not so much. This was written from mid-February until about March 2nd or 3rd. I can't remember.

Genre: Science Fiction

Word Count: 88,305

Prompt: Models uncovering a government conspiracy. Yep.

Main Characters: Cassia Thomas, Star Von Vette, Misaki Ito, Jay Thomas, Demon, Jammer, and Minko.

Minor Characters of Note: Cassia and Jay's parents, Eddie Mayers, David Fargan (I don't know where that last name came from), Keith Rander, and James Pearson.

Summation: Models Cassia, Misaki and Star stumble upon a government plot that wants to replace everyone famous in the world with a machine.

High Points: Star in general. He's freaking hilarious.

Low Points: The ending, more specifically the last chapter and epilogue.

The World: It's 2080 with hover cars, foldable computers, and cyborgs with a few normal things mixed in. Society is accepting of most people (except the random few) and the world is normal. No magic. No weird hybrid human/animals and full of technology.

Major Plot twist: Jay and Cassia find out something that changes them completely.

Thoughts: Star made this story awesome to write. It still would have been fun without him but he gave it that extra something for me. Jay, Demon, Jammer and Minko (the Hackers) weren't supposed to be as involved as they were but it works. Also there are four full relationships in the end which never happens with me.

Memorable lines:

“I didn’t claim to be homosexual. I strutted out of the closet and haven’t looked back. I won’t ever be interested in a woman in that way.” (This is probably my favorite line out of the whole book)

“Right, right. Okay. So your friend’s a cyborg.”

“Demon, it’s not nice to go around asking people if they’re a guy or a girl.”

“I think this is what they call girl-talk. You know the stuff you fail at despite having the double X chromosome.”

“Well it’s a good thing we know the God of Hackers.”

“Get out now Jay. I can handle this. I am God.”

“Okay, that was one for the record books. You just fought yourself.”

“Oh yeah, she totally caught the gay from me.”

“You know there’s this cool new thing people are doing. It’s called slowing down.”

“Yeah, no one’s perfect. I mean, they’re close, but no one’s perfect and that’s a good thing.”

“It’s the freedom to be who I am without repercussions, without judgement and without worry.”

“It’s because of you that we’ll always be human.”

Next up will be The Dragon Knights which went back to fantasy. I like to bounce around a lot. Good or bad?

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