Friday, May 17, 2013

Novel Series #2: The Harmonizer

The Harmonizer is the sequel to The Bonehemmer Princess, described in the Novel Series #1. Orginally there was not supposed to be a sequel but as the story progressed I learned more about what or who the Harmonizer was and how horrible the Kings of the world actually were. I couldn't leave it as I did and trying to tie up the issue with the Kings would have made for either an excessively large book or a rushed ending. This was written in February

Genre: High Fantasy

Word Count: 107,411.

Prompt: Continuation of The Bonehemmer Princess

Main Characters: Raven, Aspen Bonehemmer, Maverick, Havoc and Solara Liores.

Minor Characters of note: Adar, the Princess, Alexia, Audra, Mikin, Yahanna and King Graymore.

Summation: Aspen and Raven are essentually forced to work together with the other clans to stop the Kings from destroying the world.

High Points: Raven and Havoc talk to one of the Monks about the religion differences between the Clans and Humans.

Low Points: Everybody dies. Not really but there is a lot of death in this one.

The World: Same as in The Bonehemmer Princess.

Major Plot twist: Solara Liores is intergral to the plot.

Thoughts: I really enjoyed how Aspen transforms again in this novel. She goes from horrible person to responsible leader. I like the older version of Maverick as well because he's great for comic relief as well as a good equalizer in the final battle of the book. Raven and Havoc work well off each other and despite being a minor character, Yahanna has a nice scene that shows people how much the clans (and Aspen) are changing for the better. This is also probably going to be one of the few novels where I have a full-fledged couple from beginning to end.

Memorable lines:

“I am not having this discussion right now. It’s late, I’m cold and I’d much prefer to be in my nice warm tent, lying in my nice warm pillows with my hot man right here. Good night.”

“I love him. He makes me happy. I’d rather live alone in a cold dark cave, blind and deaf with him then in this clan without him.”

“Watch it, fluffy. I can kick your ass.”  

“We don’t condone selling your body. Our bodies are our temples but temples have to be worshiped from time to time or they rot. Who does that worshipping is not the High Mother’s concern as long as the worshipping is wanted.”

"You can’t erase the past; it makes you who you are. You can only forge ahead to the future and try to live without regret.”

“People change, the world keeps spinning on its axis, and can we enter a room and talk privately?”

“The situation must be dire if the Harmonizer is taking his Oaths fully to heart. Vita est mors et mors est vita. Life is death and death is life. We shall not kill unless there is no way to change the mind of the one disrupting the balance.”

“I’m the Harmonizer. Doing things that are impossible for others is expected of me.”

"Belief and talent go hand in hand. If you don’t believe in your talents then you don’t have your talents.”

“Deep down everything is simple. If you think it’s difficult than you’re not thinking the right way.”

“Who knew a little belief could change everything?”

“You were blinded by things that no longer cover your eyes.”

Next up in this series of sorts will be Model which means I went from High Fantasy to Sci-Fi. Yeah. I got confused too and for the first few chapters wondered why there wasn't any magic.

Comments, questions, remarks (good or bad), you know what to do.

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