Sunday, April 4, 2010


Ah the world wide web. An amazing tool for research, communication and just plain fun.

It has always amazed me how much information the Internet actually holds. Anything you want to know about anything is just a few keystrokes away. It is almost impossible for people to be uneducated about anything. But, I have noticed a trend in the few years I have been an avid Internet user.

People on the Internet, do not actually use it for information, but more for entertainment. Which is fine really, the Internet is a wonderful tool for entertainment as well. But what does bother me is the following: People still ask uneducated questions.

Meaning, that a person will post a topic in an online forum asking how to do certain things, or when certain events in history occurred, or other such topics. Is it that hard to open a new tab, go to Goggle and type in a query? I think people are forgetting just how vast a research tool the Internet actually is.

Without it, I doubt I would have been able to write in some of the finer details of Book One (more so distances between two points). In Book Two, one of the new main characters has the background of someone in ancient history. Without the Internet, I would not have found this information as quickly as needed. And the Internet has been immensely helpful in finding the distances between certain cities that will be featured in Book Three. All those names were found via the web, well the meanings anyway.

Sure, I could have gone to the library but the local library isn't open on a Monday night. Nor is it open after 9PM. It would be almost impossible for me to write properly without proper research. A few novels that I have in the back of my head may be possible without it, but a good deal of them will require some method of research. And the Internet is a wonderful tool for that.

So, when did the line between research tool and entertainment tool blur? And why is it that some people can't seem to understand both concepts? Don't get me wrong, there are a good deal of people that do use the Internet for research. But, the same amount only seem to do it when they are told then ask simply answered questions of the online community. And I'm certain the online community is getting very annoyed with the simplicity of these questions.

Is there a point to this ramble? There are a few:
1) The Internet needs to be recognized for the research tool that it is.
2) My official website will be up in 24-48 hours and I started thinking about how vast the online world actually is.
3) You can make up your own point here. ;)

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