Monday, April 12, 2010


I absolutely love when a random bout of inspiration hits me. The simple flow of words from my brain to my hands to the keyboard and onto the screen. There is just something so exhilarating about it that it makes me giddy.

I love it even more when a plot line I never even thought about works its way into my mind and gives birth to a slew of new ideas that make the story that much more complex. My muse is fickle. Most of the time I can turn it off and on at will, other times it hides in the corner. But then there are those days when it will not be ignored.

That day was Sunday. The other novel I'm working on was the receiver of this inspirational turn-about. This lucky piece of work got an entirely new plot concept added to it which makes it that much more solid and that much more entertaining for me and the reader.

Mind you, no one's actually going to read it until after this trilogy is complete. Even then I might put something else out first, it depends. But it's just one of those plots twists that got me very excited. I haven't felt that in two weeks and I missed it.

I'm not entirely sure what brings about these random moments of: "Oh, that would be awesome to do with this plot." But I'm not complaining. I often say that I'm never sure exactly what inspires me. Sometimes, it's nothing at all and other times it can be a certain note in a song.

I guess it's just a quirk shared among the writing community and more then likely various other communities as well. I'm certain a lot of people have had this "Eureka!" moment. And that feeling of excitement will never wear thin.

It makes me wonder though, what inspires other writer's to write? Is it different for all writers or is there a common trend? I'm going to assume it would be different for everyone, we are all individuals in personality after all. But it would be an interesting study to see if each community had its own trend of inspiration...


  1. Hello! I saw an ad for your book on facebook and it caught my eye, so I came to check it out. I read your summary and excerpt on authorhouse, and I must admit I'm quite intrigued. I hope to be able to buy the ebook at least (though I'm a little strapped for cash).

    Also, I was wondering, is the trilogy self-published? It's wonderful to see so much interest in a self-published or small-publisher book!

    I wish you wide readership and the best of luck with the rest of the series.

    --Rachel Q

  2. Rachel Q,

    The e-book is the cheapest way to go and if enough people start noticing the blog, there will eventually be a contest of sorts for a free copy.

    The trilogy will be self-published. unless of course some big-time publisher offers to take me under contract but, I like the self-publishing idea.

    Thank you for the kind words. :)