Friday, November 8, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013: Week One

The first week of National Novel Writing month 2013 is lying at our feet: defeated. Well, almost. There's still tonight for some people and really it depends if you consider the end of week 1 a Friday or a Sunday. For me it's Friday so, yeah.

Since I needed to do more writing this month (sarcasm, btw) I've decided to keep up with the tradition of writing a weekly update on my NaNo progress for this blog. Oddly enough I just finished checking last years blog post for NaNo week 1 and I'm at (almost) the same word count as this time last year. I find that freaking hilarious and depressing at the same time. Moving on.

Word Count: 70,064
Goal: 250,000 (Yeah, I'm an 'over-achiever' but for all intents and purposes: I consider anyone who gets over 50K for the month an over-achiever. Hell, anyone who gets more than their personal goal this month even if it isn't the 50K is an over-achiever.)
Words Needed: 179,936...oh that's painful to know...
Novel: Sequel to Seer
Title: Seeker
Plot so far: The thing is almost done so stay tuned for the "Novel Series" on it coming in December sometime. There will be a lot of them, trust me. I need something to do at night when I'm not writing and December is a non-writing month.

Now onto the thoughts of this week: It's been Hell. I'm not even going to lie. I missed all but two hours of writing time on Saturday because I was helping a friend move. I could have said no but she's one of my best friends and I would have felt bad. It turns out I was actually needed even when she said there were enough people.

I did hit a 25K day on Sunday through sheer willpower I'm sure but even now I don't have much of a buffer which is unusual for me. If I was keeping right on track I should be at 66664, meaning I ONLY have less then 4K as a buffer. This means I cannot take a night off no matter what. And I kind of like have a day or two between novels so I can switch plots in my head better.

Worse yet my entire Saturday morning (tomorrow) will be taken up with running errands that have to be done. Actually, I won't be able to get onto my computer until about 2PM which leaves me with 10 hours to write and gives me a potential of 20K. I might get 30K if I can keep a 3K/hr thing going but I highly doubt it. My hands do need some kind of break.

Furthering that: I'm losing my Sunday night to a supper I have to go to. And let's not forget that in the first week of December I'm going on vacation so I'll be losing November 30th for packing and other such things. It's like everything decided to happen this month which is totally not cool.

My hands hurt. My wrists hurt and I'm miss-firing on typing this blog post. I WILL NOT give up because I refuse to lower my goal and I refuse to be defeated by it. Besides, I've got all of December to give my poor hands a rest.

On the plus side: I did a 25K day so I can catch up if I manage 40K this weekend. That'd put me at 110K when I'm supposed to be at 84K. Big buffer. I like big buffers and I cannot lie (I would totally continue this rap if I had the mind to. But it's focusing on other things). I do have to say that I thought this year was the year I completed the 50K the quickest but that title belongs to last year when I won on the 4th. Oops.

Anyway, I'm looking to start week 2 strong (which again runs from Sat morning to the next Fri night for me cuz I'm weird like that) with the 40K weekend. I hope to continue it by getting 125K by the middle of the week (the 13th) so I can keep my buffer. My big buffer that other buffers can't deny. Cuz when you see a big buffer...ha. Sorry.

Also, it should be mentioned that I'll be doing four novels this year. Seeker is the first and the others are the first three books in a crime fiction series. The series will span over 13 novels and if I manage to get all four finished by the end of NaNo I'll have written 14 books this year. I was aiming for 13 because, you know, 13 in 2013 but Seeker isn't turning out to be as long as I figured it would be. I was hoping for like 90K. It's panning out at anywhere from 76-80K if it doesn't grow a second head tonight.

With all that in my head (it hurts I tells ya) I'm going to go finish Seeker. That means killing a character (or two, not even I'm sure yet) that I've had in my head for about a decade now. It's going to hurt, especially the whole how he dies but it's got to be done.

Until next time: comments, questions, rants, rage and everything in between can be directed to the comments.

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