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Novel Series #6: The Troubles of True Love

And we're on number six of this series which means I'm actually working on Novel 8. This one was a re-write of a novel I hand-wrote (yeah) way back in the summer of...sometime in the late 90s. I think. Anyway, it was a long time ago and a lot has changed in the way I write from then until now.

The original version and this new version are so different that the only thing a person would recognize are the character names. It's a good thing though, trust me. The old version will be printed out  and burned in a bonfire one day as a sacrifice to the Writing Gods.

Genre: Fantasy/Romance. (Written May 6 to June 7)

Word Count:

Prompt: It was a re-write. I had the basic concept of the trouble my MMC and FMC had to go through because they were lovers then said "screw the original concept, whatever the heck that was, let's throw in a war and a crazy King that wants to kill all the immortal breeds. Yeah, that should make a difference." And it did.

Main Characters: Gabriella, Kyan, Miya, Sesshoba, Rikay, and Lycor.

Minor Characters of note: Nero, Milinco, Kerasuan, Kikan, Gunter, Hollan, Jeritha, Cloud and Starslight.

Summation: Gabriella is a healer elf. Kyan is the Heir to the Throne of King of the Skies. Their race and huge difference in caste dictates that they are not allowed to fall in love but they do. They're caught and have to flee Kyan's older brother, King of the Land Kerasuan, who wants to destroy the "impure" breeds (elves, dwarves, fairies, etc). Kerasuan sends the Seeker elf Sesshoba to track down Kyan. Their sister Rikay has also decided to fall in love with someone lower in caste so the assassin Miya is sent to bring her in. Enter in the Dragons of the First Clutch and suddenly there's a freaking war to stop.

High Points: Miya. She's awesome and kind of took over the story-line. She's also physically based off my BFF so it's a double bonus.

Low Points: Miya's unrequited love. Poor girl.

The World: Humans have the number advantage and have this belief in a Golden Rose and the Three Kings (Air, Land, Sea). When the three Kings have created peace the Golden Rose will bloom and make that peace everlasting.

Elves, fairies, dwarves, dragons, vampires, werewolves and the myriad of immortal breeds don't believe in the Golden Rose, especially the dragons. There are dragons old enough (Nero, Cloud and Starslight) who have seen the Golden Rose bloom and the destruction it causes when it dies.

Magic is rampant and dragons are about the size of horses and used like horses. The only dragons who aren't (and can't) be trained are the Dragons of the First Clutch who are said to be sleeping legends.

For the past few generations the three Kings have wanted to obliterate the immortal breeds, calling them impure because of the blood that flows through their veins. They think that superior speed, reflexes and what not is an insult to their God.

Major Plot Twist: Miya. Yep, that's all.

Thoughts: I didn't expect Miya to be such a star player. In the original she was an elf Mage who could shape-shift into a squirrel who annoyed the heck out of Gabriella as she travelled. The original Miya fell in love with Milinco while the new Miya was saved by Milinco in prior events to the novel starting. She still falls in love, but not with the Mage. If you followed my Twitter account while I was writing this, you'll figure out who she falls for.

Besides Miya, the entire thing was refreshing to write. It was like renovating that old house you love and making it new, up-to-date, and awesome. It'll be funny to compare the original draft with this new one. I also broke my "first drafts aren't always bad" rule. I know, I know, I'm horrible.

Memorable Lines:

"Father is dead." "Well that's rather unfortunate." "Unfortunate is an understatement, don't you think?"

"You should be more aware of where you tread, Prince Kyan."

"Knock Kyan, knocking is good."

"The Laws of humans are nonsense. No one is better than another because of what family they were born into or what they have decided to study. You and your brother are not better than a peasant because of your royal blood. The Higher Power will treat us all the same when we die. You and your brother will be judged by your actions, not your blood. Blood or birthright means nothing to the Higher Power." "The Laws of Elves are better?" "Our only law is to treat everyone as your equal and to gain as much knowledge to help as you can. Many assume that is why our race is dying. I do not think that is the case."

"Lycor put nothing in her head to make her leave. She left of her own free will."

"With respect, my Lord, if not for a woman you would not be here."

"I will find someone to send after Rikay and Lycor. They will be brought back to this castle and if Rikay will not uphold her duties as heir to the Throne of the Sea she will perish along with Lycor."

"There are caves in this canyon. I will hold them back. Run you fool."

"Thank you, my King. I'll bring back your sister in one piece. I won't make the same guarantee on the pirate."

"You elves are all the same: you think you're better because of your pointy ears and pretty frames. But trust me when I say that we all bleed the same red and our bodies are made of the same tissue that I know how to destroy in more ways than years you've lived. Well, except giants. They bleed a lovely shade of blue."

"I never put much faith into the Three Thrones. They did not exist in the beginning and the world was better off without them. I commend you on falling in love with whom you pleased and leaving the foolishness of the Three Thrones behind."

"Your words will mean nothing. Your life is not even a drop in the ocean that is my life."

"Humans do not put much worth into attempting to think like their quarry."

"Let's think about this for a moment, shall we? I just stabbed you and broke a few fingers before asking my question. What do you think I'll do to you if you don't answer?"

"Life is not about the positive. It was never set up that way. Every moment that passes every creature gets closer to death. Every creature's innate want to be the best causes lives to end sooner then they should and challenges creatures to waste their time learning things that may or may not save them. We were born to die."

"Well then, let me show you around! Watch your step and don't touch anything. It may blow you to smithereens or turn you pink. Both are pretty hard to clean up so let's not make a mess of things, all right?"

"Of course I can talk. I'm not actually a cat in my true form. I just like the cat form better."

"There was a rule passed by your father and the other two Kings about thirty years ago. It allows any mortal to "eliminate" an immortal child or babe as they see fit. With this, you mortals can eventually destroy the immortal breeds. We may have immortality but without children we cannot continue our lines."

"Silence is just as informative as words you know."

"I'll kill anyone who gets in the ay of my assignment: even you."

"It's quite a boiling pot of water you've got yourself in. That's why I like being a cat. No one expects anything from me but sleeping, eating and the occasional meow."

"Ignorance to world issues does not mean they cease to exist. Locking yourself away will do nothing but make you stupid."

"I think everyone in Galeah knows I'm insane. That's a stupid question. As for killing you, dwarf, I'm not too concerned."

"You have pretty hair. I want to scalp you and keep it on my belt to look at."

"That is what you get for being such a despicable human begin." "And that is what you get for thinking my contact would actually kill me. He knows better."

"No. My father did horrible things to you: dousing you with blood-magic and forcing pure breed blood into your veins, breaking limbs and making it so you wanted to end your own life. I would have felt worse if I'd left you to die."

"This so-called eternal peace died once. It took seven of my siblings and my parents in the destruction that followed, so sever it was. Only I or my siblings will see if this peace is truly eternal."

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