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Novel Series #1: The Bonehemmer Princess

I know I don't normally post much but I'm going to try and remedy this. Since I'm doing Milwordy again I will be attempting to write a million words by November 30th. My year is running from Jan 1 to the end of NaNo2013. It's a well known fact that I'm a bit crazy. I've decided that because I'm trying to write so much this year that I might as well give a brief glimpse into what I've worked on.

Each novel I've completed will get its own summation post similar to this one. Hopefully, in between these Novel Series posts, will be other posts about other things. Let's not hold our breath on that shall we?

Anyway, first up in the novel series is The Bonehemmer Princess which was written in January 2013:

Genre: High Fantasy

Word Count: 107,701. I just realized now that is a palindrome. Ha.

Prompt: Good guys are bad and bad guys are good.

Main Characters: Raven, Aspen Bonehemmer, Gold, Maverick, and Ulric Bonehemmer.

Minor Characters of note: Adar, the Princess, Alexia, Audra, Havoc, and Joab Bonehemmer.

Summation: Aspen Bonehemmer is next in line for the Chief-ship of the Bonehemmer clan. It has fallen to her to bring in the Illegal, Raven, and rid the world of his disregard for the rules of the Kings. Unfortunately for her, Raven unintentionally saves her life. Now she must protect his to return the favor.

High Points: Raven gets startled by a giant spider, falls off a cliff and lands in water.

Low Points: Two of the main and one of the minor characters die. I'm not saying which but it won't be hard to figure out when The Bonehemmer Princess' sequel is described.

The World: Magic based society with a heck of a lot of rules for said magic. Raven is a Bead Master: one who can control multiple elements by channeling power through different colored beaded bracelets. Bead Masters are only allowed six beads but Raven has, well, a lot more. Fun fact: when a Bead Master learns to control all 16 elements (yeah, there are that many) they become a Harmonizer. Because of the rules, there are no Harmonizers left in the world.

Society does not accept homosexuality as it goes against the humans' higher power. The Bonehemmers are part of the clans, that is, human/animal hybrids and don't believe the High Mother cared about homosexuality enough to ban it. Society is also degrading to women (have to be married at certain age or a husband is found for them, can't take certain jobs, etc) and the disabled. The countries (and world) are run by Kings who are corrupt and ascend to the throne by birth-right.

Raven not only Illegal for having more beads as he likes men too. Interestingly enough Aspen doesn't understand why society's rules are so restricting.

Major Plot twist: Aspen finds out that through an odd twist of fate that her position as Chief could be threatened through no fault of her own.

Thoughts: This was a lot of fun to write solely because of how much the reader's perspective of Aspen and Raven will change from beginning to end. Aspen starts off as a "good" character who is trying to bring in someone who's broken the law and ends up in a position where people might outright hate her. Raven starts off as this law breaker who didn't really do anything too horrible to anyone. It turns out that he's a decent guy.

Memorable lines:
“Life is what you make of it. I wanted excitement so I went out to find it. I wanted freedom so I achieved it. I wanted mushrooms for breakfast so I’m eating them. It’s really all about what I want.”

“Shush, I’m sleeping now. I’m frolicking in a dream land with big muscular men who are hung like bears.”

“An idiot is one who does not do what they enjoy in life.”
“You two are released from my services. Go carefully and do not get yourselves into trouble. I will have to see for myself what has become of my daughter.”
“Anyone stupid enough to willingly break the law should be punished. There are other ways to get food or shelter then breaking the laws set out by the Kings.”
“You’ve got a lot to learn about life and this world. Everything is gray and nothing is ever so black and white. There are things that make people truly bad and it has nothing to do with rules some pompous King sets out. Remember that.”

“It’s all about balance, really. One must be strong in the body, mind and spirit in order to manipulate the world around them.”

"Who am I to take the life of someone else to better my own?”

“I know but life isn’t about what we want. Life doesn’t care what we want or need, it just pushes us into the direction we have to go in even if we’re kicking and screaming at it not to. We have to go with it and hope it knows what it’s doing.”

“I’m going to force you to see even if it takes my life to do it.”

“Life is death and death is life. The Harmonizer’s oaths make sense in ways the laws of the Kings never could. Life is about balance and the Kings have disrupted that balance. "
The next Novel Series post will be about the sequel: The Harmonizer. That one's interesting solely because The Bonehemmer Princess was supposed to be a stand-alone book. Technically there could be a third but I feel like these two have said everything that needed to be said in that world.
Feel free to leave thoughts and questions. I'll answer where appropriate. Until next time: Remember, ninjas like to hide in closets.

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