Friday, December 12, 2014

2014 Novel Series #11: Zombies

Dealing with the fact you KNOW you're going to kill off a character and the death scene is coming is difficult. Adding dealing with crazy killers, gore, morbid deaths, a character with a form of DID/Multiple Personality Disorder, and a lot of emotional baggage from basically every main character and you tend to get a bit loopy.

So, how did I deal with all these horrible, upsetting emotions that would eventually lead to a main character dying? Why, I threw all my main characters into some kind of zombie apocalypse alternate dimension of course! What better way to deal with character death than to KILL THEM ALL OFF!

No seriously. I wrote the characters (major and minor) of the Detective Series into a zombie apocalypse. Then I killed EVERY. SINGLE. ONE...except one. Technically she died too. Kind of. It's complicated. Anyway, here's the summary:

Genre: Alternate Reality/End of World/Zombies

Word Count: 103,746

Prompt: There was this scene in Senses where McGregor and Sable are dissecting a cabin in the woods and Sable's thinking about Walkers/The Walking Dead and yeah...

Main Characters: James Reeves, Mia Liu, Lucy McGregor, Michael Brown, David Jones, Andy Smith (his boyfriend), Gavriila (Michael's girlfriend), and Ashley Reeves.

Minor Characters of note: Patterson, Cade Golding, Jasmine McGregor, Dominique, Lee, Sheryl, Harry, Katherine, Joey, John...too many to name...

Summation: Zombies. Nuff said.

High Points: I...huh. I basically went on a killing

Low Points: I basically went on a killing spree so...

The World: Ours but with zombies.

Memorable Lines:

"So, you're all seeing zombies on screen, right?"

James had a feeling McGregor had been planning this since she had first heard the word "zombie." When in doubt: trust the friend with the darkest mindset when the world ended.

"I'm prepared to die up here if I can give you guys an advantage." Michael said. (He's the tech who sees all.)

McGregor wondered if she could get her hands on a sword. Bludgeoning someone to death, second dead, took too damned long.

He had a backpack and a freaking broom. A broom. Who the Hell brought a broom to a zombie apocalypse?...The things (zombies) couldn't climb and they both (Mia and Lucy) had four magazines on them. And Andy had his fucking broom. (LOL, she can't get over the broom.)

"Um, time delay. There's a horde out back, was a horde, it's moving in." Michael said.

"How big a horde?" McGregor questioned.
Six were coming down the produce section.
"Run." Michael said.
That was a big motherfucking horde.

She couldn't afford to crack. People needed her.

"Better to be paranoid than dead."

"You don't have a magical penis that will make me straight." McGregor told him. (Yes, she's a lesbian.)

"You know how to use that?" McGregor asked (about a sword).
"Stick them with the pointy end." Ashley answered.
It was the first time since 10AM that McGregor smirked in amusement. She frowned a second later.
"We'll never know how A Song of Ice and Fire end. Damn George Martin." McGregor said.

"I didn't notice the scratch until a few minutes ago. I'm sorry."

"I'm thinking logically, not optimistically. Logic wins over optimism every fucking time."

"You were just like "Oh, we're dealing with zombies now? Cool, let's do it." Then did it like it was nothing."

"I'm glad I was an orphaned only child."
"Poor, poor, Batman."

"You know what's ironic?" McGregor asked.
"What?" James questioned.
"I'm pissed that I have no idea what happened on The Walking Dead."

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