Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Character Interview: Ryker and Olivia from "Burnt"

Ryker and Olivia are the King and Queen of Seiovania, father and mother to Darius and Rowan.

This is the final interview for Burnt: The Story of the Fire King, well so far. I might change my mind at a later date. Again: I am the interviewer and I'm going to try not to reveal too much. Yes this is a duel interview so "R" is Ryker and "O" is Olivia. Onward!

Basic Information: Ryker Lupine
Age: 28 and up over the course of the book
Occupation: King of Seiovania
Parents: Both are dead and he never really told me their names.
Siblings: Four year younger brother Ryden
Children: Darius and Rowan

Basic Information: Olivia Lupine
Age: 24 and up over the course of the book
Occupation: Queen of Seiovania
Country: Seiovania, originally whatever country was almost destroyed by an Ice Mage centuries ago.
Parents: Dead

Siblings: None, that she told me of.
Children: Darius and Rowan

Physical Description: Ryker Lupine
Height: Six feet and seven inches or so
Weight: 300lbs of muscle
Hair color: Black, thick, and to the shoulders. Starts graying at the temples
Eye color: Black
Skin tone: Pale
Other: Thick bushy beard...and if this sounds a lot like Darius you know why.

Height: five feet and seven inches
Weight: 135 pounds, slender
Hair color: Golden/blonde
Eye color: blue
Skin tone: tanned (think a bit lighter than Spanish decent)
Other: Huh. None.

The Questions
What is your idea of perfect happiness? R: My people's happiness. O: My children's happiness. *Look at each other*

Um, okay. What about your own happiness? R: A king is not a king if he does not have people. If I do not try and make my people happy then I have no people. O: I agree with my husband, of course, but I would prefer our children to have some form of happiness before taking on the responsibility of the throne, especially Darius. *sighs* And Rowan is such a sensitive child.

What's the major differences between your children? Physical differences aside of course. R: Darius is powerful, serious, and thoughtful. Not to say that Rowan is incapable of deep thought but Rowan would rather play than take lessons. I know Rowan pays attention to the lessons though. Rowan is stubborn, sensitive, and a bit emotional at times. O: I agree with that but I do not think Darius is as strong as everyone thinks. Physically, yes, but he is going through overmuch and it is difficult for him. Rowan, so, *sighs* is not meant for Kingship.

Really? Why not? R: *looks at Olivia but nods* Rowan would come to resent the throne because of certain circumstances and would destroy Seiovania, though not intentionally. Darius, he can learn to control everything in his life and take the burdens necessary when he becomes King. Rowan cannot. O: *nods, wipes a tear from one eye and Ryker takes her hand.*

It must be difficult to raise two exceptionally different children and be proper rulers. R: It is and we cannot get into it much as it would give overmuch away. *grins* But the Kingship always comes first then everything else. It is difficult to be a parent when you are not there. O: But it cannot be helped. We all have duties that we sacrificed ourselves for and those duties are important. We would let down many people if we did not do as we are supposed to.

If you could do something differently, what would it be? R: *thinks* I do not think I would do anything differently. It would all lead to the same circumstances and there was no better way to handle certain things as they came. O: You would not take back certain things at your coronation? *grins slyly* R: *flushes then smirks* No, not even that. I would do that twice over. O: *giggles*

Ah, yes, that. *laughs* One last question: What is your motto? R: Strength, integrity, and love: the Lupine motto. O: *grins* They are good words to live by.

*stares then smirks* Right. Thanks. R: You are most welcome. O: And to you.

The King and Queen of Seiovania, parents of Darius and Rowan the main characters in Burnt: The Story of the Fire King. If you really want to know what happened at Ryker's coronation, well, you're going to have to help me get this thing published.

Until next time: questions, comments, rage, rants, and whatever else can be directed to the comments. Don't forget to check out my Kickstarter and help a writer out.

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