Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Character Interview: Darius from "Burnt"

If you actually look at the cloud tag (or whatever) for "Character Interviews" you'll come up with three other posts I did way back in 2012. The interview for the character of Leopold came first and it's funny to look back and see how much my writing style has changed.

In that interview with Leopold I said that I always do character interviews. Eh, not so much anymore. I interview them in my head and the information sticks. I do still have a notebook stash with all my old notes and everything I've ever written. It's taken up two dresser drawers now. Yep.

Anyway, I decided to do character interviews for the characters from Burnt: The Story of the Fire King. Why? Well, I'm procrastinating on editing the novel itself, finishing up the memorable lines for book 13 of the mystery/thriller fiction series, and summing up Burnt. I can multi-procrastinate, yes.

Enough rambling. I'm going to try and do this without revealing too much and yeah, it's like I'm actually talking to them. Deal ;) Here we go:

Basic information: Darius Lupine

Age: Changes from 6 to 30 in the course of the book.
Occupation: Royalty
Country: Seiovania
Parents: King Ryker and Queen Olivia.
Siblings: Rowan who is two years younger.

Physical Description
Height: When he's done growing up, about six feet and seven inches, perhaps a bit more.
Weight: 300 pounds, all muscle. Yeah. He's a beast.
Hair color: Black and to the shoulders
Eye color: Black. No really.
Skin color: Pale
Other: He has a full on beard that goes over his collar a little bit and he took completely after his father in looks. People often think that Darius is King Ryker.

The Questions

What is your idea of perfect happiness? When everyone I love is happy, including the people of Seiovania.

That's a lot of people. You know that not everyone can be happy, right? I am aware of that. It has been a long time since I was considered naïve but I would like to think that I can help get people as close to being happy as I can.

Lofty goal. Why do you want everyone to be happy? Someone has to be.

Don't you think you're deserving of happiness? Well, yes. But my happiness will always be directly related to my family.

Speaking of, you're the Heir to the Throne of Seiovania. What's that like? It comes with much pressure to be perfect. It also comes with knowing that sometimes you will have to sacrifice pieces of yourself in order to run the country well. There is much responsibility and many lessons to learn.

What are you willing to sacrifice to run the country well? Whatever I need.

Wow. That's noble of you. Father expects it as does everyone else. I am the eldest son and heir to the throne. I do not want to let my father or anyone else down.

Even just a little bit? Wouldn't you rather be free to do what you want? Of course. But I would regret being able to do whatever I wished for the sake of greed or selfishness. The throne comes first.

You seem sad. *sighs* There is overmuch to do.

I understand. One last question. What is your motto? Hm. Strength, integrity, and love.

That's, totally you. Thanks. You are most welcome.

Darius, ladies and gentlemen. If you want to really get to know him, hit up my funding campaign to get Burnt: The Story of the Fire King published and you'll get to read all about him sometime next year. With any luck.

Next time we'll talk to Rowan, Darius' two year younger brother. Until then: questions, comments, rants, rage, and other can be directed to the comments. Don't forget to check out the funding campaign and help a writer out.

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