Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Resolutions and Revelations

Ah the start of a new year. Adrenaline is pumping from the simple thought that "THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT", you can't wait to face the day and GET THINGS DONE. You've made a list of resolutions that are meant to better your life and you're telling yourself that you WILL stick to them this year.

Like some people that's the way I'm feeling right now. I'm excited, raring to go, and I can't wait to keep going. I've made a list (which I'll be sharing in a moment) of things I want to do and like others I've resolved to stick with that list. We'll see how that turns out.

Let's get this started though, shall we?

1) Milwordy: Because I'm crazy like that. I am resolving to write another million words from today until the end of the year. I'm actually aiming for November 31st as that's when my writing year ends since I take December off. My online tracker ( is ready, my back-up Notepad file to keep track of monthly successes is ready, and the first book of the year all ready has 3938 words in it.
2) Finish the Crime Fiction Series: It has 11 more books and no general title but dang it I will finish this thing this year so I can move onto other things. In total it'll have 13 books. I'm planning to do this by June because all Hell will likely break loose then. More on that later.
3) Write a query letter then send it out: also known as: TAKE THE FIRST STEPS TO BE TRADITIONALLY PUBLISHED. I keep putting this on my list but never do it. This year, I will. I don't have a choice anymore. I can't self-promote and I can't bend my brain to think like a marketer. It's just not possible. So, I'm going to focus on what I do best (writing) and let someone else worry about getting my books into other people's hands.
4) Lose Weight: See, not all my goals are writing based. I've had this one on my list every year for about ten years and it doesn't happen. I'm sticking to it this year because I'm damn well tired of being 40ish pounds overweight and being limited to what I can and cannot wear because of it. I'm also not too keen on having health issues associated with carrying too much weight and I'm not getting any younger. It's time to make the lifestyle change now, while it's easier, before things really get out of hand. Plus being at your ideal weight/exercising apparently gives you more energy and more energy is great when trying to reach a million words. You knew I'd link that back to writing, didn't you?

That's it. No really. I only have four goals. All four of which I've all ready broken up in my head of how to accomplish them. For example, this month I'll finish Dryer, book three of the crime fiction series before doing the final edits on Cara, the book I plan to query with. Once that final edit is done to the best of my ability I'll write the query letter. Then I'll start Witches, the fourth book in the crime fiction series. All that will hopefully be done this month. I know, I know, I'm crazy.

As for the losing weight thing I'm going to start eating properly: in moderation and adding more fruits/veggies. I'll be taking an hour long walk at a normal pace every day (even if it requires me to pace my house) and once my body gets used to moving, I'll shorten it to half hour with other exercises to help tone. I plan to lose only a pound a week and hopefully by November be at my ideal weight. This is the healthy way to do it people. Crash dieting will only cause you misery and make you gain it back one the diet is "done."

Hey look, it's later. If you look back at resolution 2 you'll see that I mentioned all Hell will break lose in June. More details here. Summation: I might be out of a job come June and may have to look for a new one. I'm not sure yet and I hate not knowing. This is also why I've resolved to try and traditionally publish this year. If I am out of a job I don't know how quickly I'll find a new one or if I'll even like the new one. That's why I'm hoping to take myself out of the "traditional" job market by becoming an author instead of a writer.

Now, you'll notice the title of the blog includes the word "revelations." I had a revelation of sorts on the 27th. The revelation was that I don't care what happens in June. If I'm still with the company I'm with now: awesome. If not: awesome. I know, right?

The reason both are awesome is because either way I'm going to try to make the leap from writer (one who writes) to author (one who gets paid for writing). I will not stop querying until I've given it my all. That's what this year is about (my epiphany so to speak): not giving up until I've given it everything I've got.

For the past, oh, decade or so, I've been coasting through life and letting things go as they please. This year I've resolved to make life bend to me the best I can. I won't coast. I will work. I will push. I will move forward in any way I can to reach my goals. Pretty words right now yes, so come back and talk to me next month to see how I'm doing. ;)

Until next time: Comments, questions, rants, rage and everything in between can be directed to the comments.

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  1. Have you heard of the amazon breakthrough novel competition? It opens for entries feb 16th I think. It's a big thing. The novel you enter goes through a number of rounds, and if you make it to one of them you get cool feedback, and if you win all of it you get money and a publishing contract for the book. Just thought since you have so many books written you might be interested in entering one.