Friday, June 28, 2013

Novel Series #5: Lies

As I stated in the last "Novel Series" this is the only novel that has prompted me to write an alternate ending. Why? Well, the ending was way too sad for me to leave as it was. Plus I kept thinking of ways it could have ended differently which prompted me to actually write it. Technically what I wrote was a continuation but that probably won't ever be read even if I do become exceptionally popular. It was for me because I couldn't let go of a character like I normally can.

Genre: Science Fiction

Word Count: 115,327

Prompt: Amanda Hanson marries a man that isn't who she and her team thought he was.

Main Characters: Jasper, Amanda Hanson, Rob Sanchez, Dylan "Twitch" Martin, Glitch, Dragon, Don.

Minor Characters of note: The One Ruler of the World, ID, Joe, Greg Hanson

Summation: Jasper is the Boss of Team D, a Special Response Unit team in the future. When his team-mate gets married and her new husband killed, he and the team discover something is not right with The One, Don or the Dragon.

High Points: Glitch taking Dragon shopping.

Low Points: I can't say or I'll reveal THE PLOT TWIST

The World: Sometime in the future with hover cars, cyborgs, people being able to move with cyborg legs/arms/organs, a being that's able to use nano-technology to fly, entire human gentic code has been discovered, far in the future. Not sure how far.

Major plot twist: It involves the Dragon. Twice.

Thoughts: This is the first novel I've written this year that's gone over the 100K mark significantly. It's tense all the way through (except for chapter 12) and the last four chapters are just...urg. I couldn't even write them one right after another because of emotions.

Memorable Lines:

"So I said to him that he needed a new AI chip." "What did he say?" "That he was human and couldn't get a chip." "And you said?" "That is was unfortunate that he couldn't get a new brain."

"It's morning. There isn't anything good about it."

"Well no one's ever seen the Dragon's face and for all we know the Dragon could be a woman."

"Let the Dragon go. It's not his, her, whatever's fault that Don told the Dragon to follow us" (This is the line that makes everything go to Hell.)

"You stopped your cyborg unit from coming after me. That takes a lot of guts and shows that you care about your team. The other people here, they don't care too much. They're after points and bragging rights of being the best. You're not like that though. I mean, you're  still after points sure but you genuinely want to help people."

"Check it out? You want to do an SRU level background check on my husband?"

"I'll probably have to neutralize him and I'm apologizing in advance. Sorry."

"Well If I'm using logic that a child would then I don't see why you can't understand it."

"I only take it off whem I'm alone. I have a mystic to keep up, you know?"

"The Dragon has no friends and is not allowed to leave the premises unless on a mission."

"Jasper taught me what it's like to be human and I want people to keep being human."

"Does anyone else realize that we just gave a person who's never had caffeine or sugar a soda?"

"Well since I'm in a female clothing item: I'll be she. When I'm in male clothes: I'll be he."

"Stop, stop. I know this sand bar." "Can you buy an apple martini at it? I'd kill for one of those."

"You can have a great ass too if you're a genetic experiment."

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