Friday, November 29, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013: Final Week

And with this ends National Novel Writing Month. There is still one day left in the month but I'll be busy working on the rest of the Novel Series for 2013 so I can start posting those when I come back from holidays. I need to add four. Ha.

Anyway, in keeping with tradition this is the final update for NaNo2013.
Week one, week two, and week three can be found by clicking the links.

Word count: 250,209
Goal: 250,000
Words Needed: NONE. I'm 209 over. ;)
Novels: Novel 1: Seeker (complete as of Nov. 8): Sequel to Seer. Novel 2: Face Snatcher (complete as of Nov. 17). Novel 3: Hangings: Sequel to Face Snatcher (complete as of Nov. 25) and as a padding a continuation to Lies, the novel I did for April's Camp NaNo.
Plot so far: As stated in the Week One Post: you'll have to wait and check out the rest of the novel series coming in December.

Thoughts of the week: I FREAKING DID IT! I hit the 250,000 words with a day to spare. A day. ONE DAY to spare. Normally I have a week or something after I count up all the days I didn't write. But no, there were no spare days. I couldn't afford taking a week off because of life.

But that doesn't matter. Life happened and I still got 250,000 words. I finished THREE NOVELS for crying out loud at a pace that was both fast and allowed me to deliver my normal quality of first draft. That means all three novels are editing for weird sentences, spelling, grammar, wrong words, repetitive words, useless scenes, and all that other stuff. Seeker is probably the most "edited" of the three. Face Snatcher needs something minor added to tie up a subplot that's probably not worth worrying about. Hangings has to be looked through for date changes as I made them important about half way through and didn't go back (yet) to fix them. I think that's the only thing wrong in Hangings.

Speaking of, Hangings ended climatically. James' thoughts while he was chasing the unsub down were awesome. The description was right on. And the unsub was caught so hey, it's all good. Actually, all four of them (Mia, Brown, McGregor and James) were spot on and they got to interact with each other on a more personal level. The scenes with Mia and McGregor were great, they have such good chemistry considering they just started becoming friends. Brown is just, he's awesome. As a unit they're great. They all have weaknesses (Mia can't run, James can't shoot, Brown doesn't leave his office, and McGregor is anti-social) but someone on the team can pick up the slack (Mia can shoot, James can run, McGregor will leave her office and Brown is oddly more social).

The only disappointment this week was the realization that I couldn't start Dryer (book 3 in the series) because I just wouldn't have had the time. I would have had to force myself to stop right when it started getting interesting then leave it for a week. I just can't do that. With only 5 days to write as well as packing and other preparations for a trip I'm going on to do: it couldn't be done. I knew my limit.

I know my limit. That is, I know now that anything over 250K in a month is not possible for me. Not with my life the way it is now. If I was a full-time author and didn't have to work 9AM to 5PM to, you know, live, then yeah. I could pull off more than 250K. But, seeing as I have a full time job the 250K is all that can come out especially with life being life.

Now I'm sure next year I won't have to buy any new appliances so that gives me an extra two days or so. But I could have used those two days between novels. It would have helped my brain.

I'm also sure that next year I might not have certain time constraints. Heck, I might not be in the same job and could be writing full time. I do know that as it stands right now my goal for next NaNo will be 250,000 words.

This doesn't mean I'm going to wait until then to write Dryer and the other 10 books in the series. Oh no. I'm once again doing Milwordy. I plan to write two books a month (about 140,000 to 160,000 words a month) until the entire series (13 books) is done. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen but I want to be back into fantasy and sci-fi by the summer. I do have this feeling that once I get back from my vacation that I'll start and finish Dryer. Maybe. My hands are hoping not.

Until next time: Comments, questions, rants, rage and everything in between can be directed to the comments.

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