Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Computer!

I'm just excited about my new work computer. It has 500GB hard drive, 4GB RAM, the new i7 chip and a bunch of other goodies I can't even remember right now. The unfortunate thing, is that this wonderful system is my work computer.

My own personal laptop is amazing, I doubt I'll even be able to touch the 250GB hard drive in it, even if I have it another 3 years. But, the comparison on screen size and resolution is like night and day.

Work laptop is like HD TV. Personal is like a regular TV. And the work has a larger monitor. I think I'm way too excited to go to work now just to use the darn thing.

But, I do have to say that I still love my own laptop. It's got everything I need for the minimal amount of work I do. This one is basically used for writing and surfing the web. I really don't need much more then I have.

Oddly enough, the set-up of this new laptop got me a little inspired to actually write something. I've been a bit discouraged as of late. Mainly because I can't get any reports on how well Book One is doing (live anyway, I have to wait a few months) and most of the networking I've tried to do isn't quite working as planned.

Mind you, 390 fans isn't too shabby considering I've only had Book One out for about a month now. I just need to study how to network properly and adjust my methods. I'm sure I'll have some free time in the next few weeks to do just that.

Until then I'll just keep plugging along (with a super machine :P) until I can make things work a bit better. Maybe if I can get a few weeks off from

Thank you again to anyone reading this, and don't forget to tell a few friends. ;)

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